FusionAuth is going to Gluecon 2022. Stop by and see us!

We'll see you at Gluecon

Gluecon is a developer focused conference in the Denver metro area. I’ve been to this conference many times; I always learn something, meet interesting new people, and have great conversations. It’s happening this week in Broomfield Colorado.

This year, FusionAuth is sponsoring it.

This conference focuses on developers, but the talks cover a lot of ground. Topics covered at Gluecon 2022 include:

  • APIs
  • DevOps
  • serverless
  • edge computing
  • containers
  • microservices
  • blockchain-driven applications
  • developer evangelism
  • the newest tools and platforms driving technology

Whew, that’s a pretty broad purview. Here’s the agenda if you’d like to see specific details. You can also view the conference site.

Why the team is attending

FusionAuth is auth built by devs, for devs, so we love to connect to developers at conferences like Gluecon. We have great conversations about how developers are solving auth and CIAM problems at their company as well as learning about other development practices and experiences.

Gluecon is one of our favorites. There’s no filler, just great technical content. It’s where I first learned about APIs, AWS Lambda, Swagger/OpenAPI, and the battery impact of network connectivity in a mobile app.

We’re looking forward to the sessions. Exciting options include “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to MFA”, “More Than Just a Bucket of Bits: Cloud Object Storage turns Sweet Sixteen” and “Measuring Developer Productivity: What and What NOT to Do”. I’m especially looking forward to Rachel Stephens’ keynote: “The Pit and the Pendulum”. This isn’t the sum total that is interesting to us; there are a lot of great talks!

Insider tip: if you can get to the hotel on Tuesday night, the bar, The Tap Room, will have many interesting conversations happening, I promise.

Finally, let’s not forget the hallway track. You can’t beat the in-person conference experience for spontaneous connection and conversation.

Meet up with FusionAuth

If you want to meet up with the FusionAuth team at Gluecon, we’re around and ready to chat.

Find us in a couple of places:

  • We have a booth. Our booth number is “T14”, but we should be easy to find since this isn’t a re:Invent size conference. Come say hi for a demo, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant, or to sign up to win a Lego set or an Oculus Quest.
  • The FusionAuth founder and co-CTO, Brian Pontarelli, is talking on Thursday about the complexity of user login.
  • I’ll be giving a talk on Wednesday on “Why Terraform Stinks”, where I’ll talk about our adventures with (and without) Terraform as we built FusionAuth Cloud.
  • We’ll be out and about as well. Send us a note via our contact form or tweet/DM Brian or me.

Happy Gluecon! Hope to see you there.