New Billing Option - Online Annual Subscription

Online annual subscriptions to FusionAuth are here! Pay once and forget about it.


Published: January 31, 2024

Now it’s easier than ever to get running with FusionAuth. Just select your hosting, choose your tier, and then you can buy an annual subscription online.

Today we’re announcing a change to our billing options. It’s actually been live for a few weeks now and a few of you have already found it and started to sign up. But nothing is officially released without a blog post, right?

You might have seen late last year that developers were finding their prices going up 300% using another customer identity platform. Unlike them, we’re simply making it easier to buy FusionAuth.

We’ve had monthly payment options since…forever. This added billing option is for those of you who told us you “just want to pay for FusionAuth and not deal with it the rest of the year.” With our new annual subscription option, you can buy FusionAuth directly online with a one-time annual payment by credit card, and you can take advantage of an automatic annual discount from 4 to 10 percent.

How to buy FusionAuth

It’s pretty simple to select which billing option works best for you on our pricing page.

  1. Select how you want to host FusionAuth (self-host in your infrastructure or run in our managed hosting service FusionAuth Cloud)

  2. Select the product tier for your needs. Community, Starter, Essentials, or yes, even Enterprise.

  3. Select your projected monthly active users.

  4. Toggle between monthly and annual options. Notice the discounts applied if you do want to take advantage of the annual option!

Choose annual subscription in FusionAuth

If you are on an existing monthly credit card plan and want to switch to an annual credit card plan, please contact us to get help.

If you need invoiced billing, want to explore multi-year discounts or large MAU volume plans, start a chat with our identity experts. We bring a sales engineer to every call so you’ll get the technical answers you need upfront.

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