Archive of posts from April 2020

  • Creating a user in FusionAuth with a .NET Core CLI client

    In this post, we’ll build a command line client for FusionAuth with C# and the .NET Core libraries. We’ll set up FusionAuth and then add a user to an application from the command line interface (CLI) tool we’ve built.

  • What's new in OAuth 2.1?

    Hey look! OAuth is getting spiffed up a bit. The original OAuth 2.0 specification was released in October 2012 as RFC 6749. It replaced OAuth 1.0, released in April 2010. There have been some extensions over the years. A new OAuth specification has been proposed and is currently under discussion. As of this blog post’s writing, the specification was most recently updated on March 8, 2020. If approved, OAuth 2.1 will obsolete certain parts of Oauth 2.0 and mandate additional security best practices. The rest of the OAuth 2.0 specification will be retained.