Archive of posts from December 2020

  • IoT company picks FusionAuth to avoid getting distracted by auth

    Michał Getka is a FusionAuth community member and software engineer at Ampio Smart Home. He’s working on the company’s cloud offering, which meets the needs of their modern IoT platform. He chatted with us over email about how he and his team are using FusionAuth to meet their auth needs.

  • How to securely implement OAuth in Ruby on Rails

    In this tutorial, we will walk through setting up a basic Ruby on Rails app to securely authenticate with an OAuth2 server using the authorization code grant.

  • Adding native integrations to your app with FusionAuth and Xkit

    FusionAuth and Xkit came together for this blog post to share how you can use our services to boost your engineering team’s productivity. If you’re working on growing your SaaS business, you know just how much your engineers have on their plates. At both FusionAuth and Xkit, we believe that outsourcing what you can – like authentication and integration infrastructure – lets your team focus on the products and services that drive your business.

  • Announcing FusionAuth 1.22

    We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.22 of FusionAuth. This release shipped on Dec 1, 2020. This version delivers new features as well as resolving issues for users on version 1.21 and older.

  • Manage custom user profile data in the FusionAuth admin

    Letting a user register and provide custom profile data solves the problem of bringing such data into your auth system. But how can you manage the data as it changes over time?

    After people register, you will want to enrich or change their profile. Sometimes this happens via automated systems. In that case, you can use an API. But what if you want to allow employees or other humans to update a user profile data?