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  • Using and Managing Consents in an Express App

    In this tutorial, we’ll build a basic Node.js and Express web application with advanced user registration and authentication via FusionAuth. We’ll create a custom registration form, along with custom consent options for marketing preferences, and set up self-service options for users to update their profile and consent permissions.

  • Manage custom user profile data in the FusionAuth admin

    Letting a user register and provide custom profile data solves the problem of bringing such data into your auth system. But how can you manage the data as it changes over time?

    After people register, you will want to enrich or change their profile. Sometimes this happens via automated systems. In that case, you can use an API. But what if you want to allow employees or other humans to update a user profile data?

  • Building a user profile portal with Flask, OAuth, and APIs

    Once a user registers, you can view their data in the administrative user interface. But how can you allow the user to view or change their data themselves?

  • How to theme FusionAuth's advanced registration forms

    When a user is registering, the last thing you want to do is get in their way or confuse them. In this tutorial, you’ll improve an advanced registration form’s display by modifying a theme.

  • How to use FusionAuth's advanced registration forms

    I don’t know you very well, but I’m guessing you want more users for your application. Registration is a major part of the initial user experience. As an application developer, you need to balance getting the information you need with making it easy for a new user to get started.