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  • Introduction to Login and Authentication Workflows

    So you are building an application and you need login and authentication for your users. No problem! Just build a form so the user can submit a username and password and you are good to go, right? We all wish it was this simple. The fact is, there are many different application types and as many different types of authentication methods. Which is best?

  • FusionAuth 1.5 Adds Passwordless Login

    Logging in without a password? In what fantasy land can that be secure?!? The fact is it can be much more secure than traditional passwords, and is now supported in our newest release. FusionAuth 1.5 is now available for direct download, FastPath one-line install, Homebrew or Docker. It includes new features, a few changes, and minor fixes for issues discovered by QA testers and our growing community of users. Get the brief overview below, and visit our release notes for the full details.