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  • How to migrate from Azure AD B2C

    Azure AD B2C is a serverless CIAM offering from Microsoft Azure with integration across many Azure services. It offers authentication and authorization for users. Azure AD B2C supports a number of OAuth grants, including the Authorization Code grant, the Implicit grant and the Client Credentials grant.

  • How to migrate your user data from Google Firebase

    Firebase is a serverless offering from Google which includes customer identity and access management (CIAM) as well as other typical functionality needed for an application. As such, it offers authentication and authorization, a database, metrics and more.

    At FusionAuth, we talk to potential customers who are interested in migrating away from Firebase because of limitations, typically of standards or data control.

  • Approaches to user account migration

    Migrating user data is fraught with risk. Of course, migrating any data is tough, but user accounts are even harder because any issue with the transfer affects human beings. Whether employees, customers, or potential clients, humans tend to react negatively to applications being inaccessible.

    There are a few different approaches to migrating user accounts. Each of these works, but has different risks, timelines and implementation approaches.

  • Migrating off of Auth0? Here's what you need to know

    Pssst. You may have heard that Auth0 was recently acquired by Okta. If this has you considering migration options, read on. This post will provide a strategy for determining if a migration makes sense, and discuss what you’ll need to consider if it does.

  • How to migrate your legacy user data to a centralized auth system

    Once you have migrated an application to use a modern identity provider, how can you migrate your users?

  • Securing your legacy PHP business application with OAuth

    Sometimes applications get written by interns. Sometimes prototypes get put into production. Sometimes crufty old apps, called “legacy” by some, are termed “money makers” by others. Once you introduce an auth system such as FusionAuth, you typically want to have all applications use it, even those not written with OIDC/OAuth in mind.

  • DataStax's Switch to FusionAuth - A Case Study

    It was a frustrating day when DataStax found out their identity provider was shutting down with very little notice. They needed to switch fast, and they needed to do it without disrupting their customers and the DataStax Academy. Thankfully they found FusionAuth.