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  • Announcing FusionAuth 1.45

    FusionAuth version 1.45 shipped on April 10, 2023. This release includes search and pagination of over ten FusionAuth configuration types, a FusionAuth hosted backend for easier use with SPAs, and the ability to import Drupal password hashes. And more!

  • How to use OAuth to Add Authentication to Your React App

    Whenever you build a website that allows a user to create their own account, secure authentication and authorization is a must-have. The problem is that most handmade authentication and authorization solutions are not robust enough to keep up with the most current and secure workflows. What’s more, since security is not always seen as a business priority, in-house authorization solutions can quickly become an internal tool that is not often touched, prone to disrepair and exploitation by bad actors.

  • How to Securely Implement OAuth in React

    In this post, we’ll walk step-by-step through implementing the OAuth Authorization Code Grant in a React app. This is the most secure way to implement OAuth and often overlooked for single-page applications that use technologies like React. We’ll use FusionAuth as the IdP and also show you how to configure FusionAuth for this workflow.