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  • Announcing FusionAuth 1.41

    FusionAuth version 1.41 shipped in November, 2022. These releases include WebAuthn support, improvements to Steam login, and IdP provisioning for the FusionAuth administrative user interface.

  • Authenticators, Ceremonies, and WebAuthn, oh my!

    Unless you use two-factor authentication (2FA) with your password logins, you’re prone to cyberattacks. This is where Web Authentication (WebAuthn) can help.

    WebAuthn is an authentication standard that uses asymmetric cryptographic keys to authenticate users instead of passwords, mitigating cyberattacks. With WebAuthn, users can authenticate using their devices (with biometrics) without having to remember their passwords, store them, or worry about them getting compromised. The WebAuthn credentials are also known as “passkeys”.

  • Introducing biometric authentication

    FusionAuth, the developer-focused authentication platform, today announces the addition of biometric passwordless login using WebAuthn to its long list of authentication features. This enables application developers to offer the convenience and security of using built-in fingerprint and facial recognition from their mobile and laptop computers, without the need for any installed apps.

  • What is WebAuthn and why should you care?

    WebAuthn is a new way for people to authenticate themselves to web applications. It’s a widely supported standard years in the making. All major browsers work with it, which makes it easy for developers to incorporate WebAuthn into websites.

    WebAuthn, commonly called “passkeys”, allows users to leverage the power of biometric methods via a simple browser-native user experience.