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  • Adding sign in to your Spring web application using OIDC

    In this tutorial, we’ll build a basic Java and Spring web application that does user registration and authentication. You’ll use FusionAuth to provide this functionality.

  • Using Java to manage FusionAuth

    In this tutorial, we’re going to illustrate how to use Java to accomplish various tasks with FusionAuth, programmatically. In order to speed up our development time, we’ll use the FusionAuth Java client library, which comes with already-built methods that we’ll use instead of building things from scratch.

  • Easy Integration of Spring and FusionAuth

    Making a Spring application with FusionAuth is easy. Follow the steps below and in about an hour you’ll have FusionAuth providing user login and authorization for your application. Or you can be up and running in just a few minutes by using our example app.