Posts tagged 'tutorial-netcore'

  • ASP.NET Core Example with Custom Claims

    Previously, we used ASP.NET Core to build a web application with a single protected page. Let’s extend the application to display the role of the user in FusionAuth as well as a custom claim. We’re going to create a group, assign a role to that group and then place our user in that group. We’ll also explore modifying our JSON Web Token (JWT) by using a lambda to expose the user’s favorite color. Finally, we’ll display all the claims on the “Secure” page.

  • Securing an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages app with OAuth

    Previously, we used .NET Core to build a command line tool to add users to a FusionAuth user identity management system. In this tutorial, we’ll build out a web application with a protected page. We’ll use Razor Pages and have both login and logout happen against FusionAuth, using the Authorization Code grant.

  • Creating a user in FusionAuth with a .NET Core CLI client

    In this post, we’ll build a command line client for FusionAuth with C# and the .NET Core libraries. We’ll set up FusionAuth and then add a user to an application from the command line interface (CLI) tool we’ve built.