DataStax's Switch to FusionAuth - A Case Study

DataStax needed a powerful identity solution FAST. FusionAuth was there to help.


Published: July 30, 2019

It was a frustrating day when DataStax found out their identity provider was shutting down with very little notice. They needed to switch fast, and they needed to do it without disrupting their customers and the DataStax Academy. Thankfully they found FusionAuth.

Good, Fast, or Affordable - Pick Three

DataStax was in a tough spot. Their identity provider was acquired by a larger company and were shutting down with hardly any time to evaluate other solutions. No sunset period, no “we’ll keep the service up for a year” agreements. Just “Sorry, Charlie. Good luck to ya.” The company was concerned. If DataStax and the DataStax Academy had a large scale outage it would result in significant financial loss, customer attrition and a damaged reputation. The bottom line: this was bad.

They needed to be able to migrate with zero friction and no user password resets as quickly as possible. Unfortunately as they researched solutions, they repeatedly re-discovered the old adage “Good, fast, or affordable. Pick two.” The solutions they found were either too expensive, a nightmare to deploy and implement, or simply didn’t have the features they needed. They even considered building their own solution, but that would have taken even more time. Fortunately, DataStax discovered FusionAuth and it provided everything they were looking for:

  • DataStax downloaded and deployed FusionAuth in minutes without spending days on complex configuration. Efficient migration tools assured all their data was imported without a hitch.
  • FusionAuth was a complete solution with all the features they required. And since FusionAuth was built from the ground up with a modern REST API, they got a 59% performance improvement from day one.
  • FusionAuth’s support and hosting plans allowed DataStax to actually save money each month over their previous solution.
  • The FusionAuth team implemented custom Application Authentication Tokens in just days when other providers couldn’t deliver.

In the end, FusionAuth saved DataStax over $150,000 in developer resources and three months of time over building their own login system. For more details on DataStax’s challenges and solution, download our case study. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to share more and help with your identity challenges.

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