We'll see you at LFI 2023

FusionAuth is going to the Learning From Incidents conference. Stop by and see us!


Published: February 9, 2023

Learning From Incidents is a community focused on, well, learning from incidents. They are having a conference in Denver next week, on February 15 and 16. There will be hundreds of SREs, software engineers and others looking to learn best practices around incident management. The FusionAuth team will be among them, and we’d love to see you.

Why the team is attending

We’re going to the Learning From Incidents conference for many reasons.

First, FusionAuth runs FusionAuth Cloud, which allows customers to use our auth software as a SaaS. The FusionAuth team operates the FusionAuth application with various architectures. These range from a basic solution suitable for development and proof of concepts to highly available, multi-region deployments suitable for millions of monthly active users. Attending conferences like this one ensures that the team stays up to date on best practices around operating such critical infrastructure.

Conferences like LFI are also an opportunity to meet engineers and developers where they are at, both during talks and in the ever-present hallway track. We look forward to exchanging knowledge and ideas with folks building, operating, and supporting modern applications.

We’re also excited to chat with attendees about auth. We like to hear from developers about what they are building on top of solutions like FusionAuth or Auth0. Yes, yes, the conference focuses on incidents, but every incident management tool I’ve encountered requires some kind of authentication.

Finally, we’re looking forward to the sessions (conference agenda here). Exciting ones include:

  • “Foresight is 20/20: Using Pre-Mortems to Prepare for Incidents Before They Occur” because who doesn’t want to avoid incidents?
  • ”Incident Stories: How We Lost an Entire Data Center Without Anyone Noticing” because, wow!
  • ”Debugging Is A Team Sport” because Charity Majors is presenting.

However, there are other great sessions packed into this two day conference as well.

Meet up with FusionAuth

If you want to catch up with the FusionAuth team at the Learning From Incidents Conference next week, we’re around and ready to chat. Find us in a couple of places:

  • We have a booth in the sponsors area. Come say hello for a demo of our auth software, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant, or to pick up a (very soft) t-shirt.
  • We’ll be out and about as well. If you want to say hey, send us a note via our contact form, message us on the LFI 2023 Slack or tweet/DM me on Twitter.

Finally, may your backups and restores always be successful.

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