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FusionAuth loves open source, and we love sponsoring it too.


Published: May 2, 2023

Open source is at the core of many applications built today – in fact, almost 90% of companies use open source projects according to Github’s Octoverse report. From new social networks to the latest e-commerce software to even auth platforms, open source projects form the foundation of many of the applications we use every day.

At FusionAuth, our client libraries and SDKs and community projects like our non-blocking NIO Java HTTP Server are all licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license. And, though it is not open source, our community edition has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times and is actively used by tens of thousands of developers to power the authentication and authorization for tens of millions of end users.

Open source works

We believe strongly in the open source model as a way to decrease friction and improve developer experience. Open source is used in standalone projects, incorporated into commercial projects (if the license allows, of course) and served up as in SaaS form by startups and cloud providers. Open source really is critical to the functioning of the modern software economy.

But the reality is that many open source projects are often underfunded — if not completely unfunded. So we are proud to announce open source project sponsorships. We want these projects to thrive and benefit developers everywhere that are building applications that need to be secured. Some of these are also used to help build our own product, FusionAuth, so we have a vested interest in supporting them.

Below are the independent open source projects that FusionAuth is currently sponsoring.


Git is a free and popular open source distributed version control system.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. With over 45,000 stars on GitHub, git is well known and used by software developers everywhere. Sometimes cursed because of its obtuse error messages (“The most similar command is…”) but powerful, flexible and scalable from one-person projects to the Linux kernel.

Our annual donation pays for the hosting costs of the Git website.


Passport.js is an open source authentication solution for the node ecosystem.

Passport.js is simple, unobtrusive authentication for node.js applications. With over 21,000 stars on GitHub, this middleware helps you add authentication to your node applications. It has hundreds of strategies (538 at time of writing) which help you incorporate a wide variety of identity providers and social site login into your Express applications. (There’s even a community provided FusionAuth strategy.)

Our contribution supports ongoing development of passport.js.


NextAuth.js is an open source authentication solution for Next.js.

NextAuth.js is a complete open source authentication solution for Next.js applications. This project has over 15,000 stars on GitHub. They are also changing their name to Auth.js and broadening their scope in their next version (v4).

Our contribution supports ongoing development of NextAuth.js and Auth.js.

Does your project need help?

Want us to sponsor your open source project?

We are always on the lookout for new projects to sponsor. The project should be open-source, released, and in use in multiple companies or projects.

We prefer to support developer tools or libraries which help with authentication or identity. I mean, we have auth in our name, after all.

Leave us a comment below if you have a project we should sponsor.

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