We'll see you at AWS re:Invent

FusionAuth is going to AWS re:Invent. Stop by and see us!


Published: November 23, 2021

AWS re:Invent is one of the largest technical conferences in the world. In the cloud space, it is the go-to event. This year there will be tens of thousands of attendees in Las Vegas, NV the week after Thanksgiving. The FusionAuth team will be among them, and we’d love to see you.

Why the team is attending

We’re going to re:Invent for many reasons. Both FusionAuth and our clients often develop and deploy on the public AWS cloud. Some use vanilla EC2 instances with RDS, others deploy on solutions like EKS and Fargate (yes, FusionAuth supports Kubernetes). re:Invent is an opportunity to meet fellow developers, both during talks and in the ever-present hallway track. We look forward to exchanging AWS knowledge and ideas.

We’re also excited to chat with attendees. The AWS CIAM solution, Amazon Cognito, has some issues (as some in the FusionAuth community have shared). We’d like to hear from developers who are current Cognito users and are considering other solutions, such as FusionAuth. Migrating away from Cognito isn’t straightforward, but there are ways.

We’re also looking forward to specific sessions. Some exciting ones are “What’s new in Amazon RDS”, “Creating the best developer experience” and “Deep dive into high performance networking on AWS”. While many session videos are pushed to the Amazon Web Services Youtube Channel (here’s a favorite of mine from recent years: Becoming an AWS Policy Ninja using AWS IAM and AWS Organizations), you can’t beat the in-person experience for spontaneous connection.

Of course, it isn’t all education. There’s also fun to be had! One activity worth attending is Corey Quinn’s nature walk where he skewers Expo vendors. There are also numerous parties. If you registered, chances are at least one vendor has emailed you with an invite. This Twitter account, @reInventParties, is a great way to discover them. Finally, if getting into nature is more your thing, we’ve heard Red Rock Canyon is a great place to check out.

Meet up with FusionAuth

If you want to meet up with the FusionAuth team at re:Invent, we’re around and ready to chat. Find us in a couple of places:

  • We’re having a TopGolf party on Monday. It’s currently full, but please join the waitlist.
  • We have a booth right across from the Developer Lounge in the Expo hall. There’s no map for the 2021 re:Invent Expo yet, but here’s the page. Brave the madness and come say hi for a demo, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant, or to sign up for a couple of giveaways.
  • Finally, we’ll be out and about as well. Send us a note via our contact form or tweet/DM a team member active on Twitter: Dan, Akira, Brian, or Daniel.

Happy re:Inventing!

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