FusionAuth Identity & Access Management Solution Is Recognized with Industry Distinctions from Leading SaaS Review Platform

FusionAuth received the 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards


Published: May 30, 2019

CompareCamp, a B2B and B2C technology review site, recently awarded FusionAuth the 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards. This is a huge accomplishment. We created FusionAuth to provide a free, powerful customer identity access management (CIAM) platform for every app in every size organization. Powered by our core API, the intuitive user interface allows developers and administrators to quickly integrate authorization and authentication and take advantage of the benefits FusionAuth brings to the table. We appreciate the recognition of our efforts.

Since launch, FusionAuth has been repeatedly recognized as a highly scalable identity management platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of every application. In its CompareCamp review, FusionAuth is described as comprehensive identity and access management software that offers quick and easy installation and robust control over role-based access and permissions, segmentation, search, and more. From development proof-of-concepts and startup companies to global businesses with millions of users and locations, FusionAuth is built to cover all the bases.

The 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards from CompareCamp clearly show the industry recognizes FusionAuth’s capabilities. We greatly appreciate these awards and will continue to improve our software to meet the budgets and ever-evolving requirements of our clients. According to CEO Brian Pontarelli, “We know by providing a secure and efficient platform we can reduce the costs and time to integrate authentication systems, substantially improving the customer’s ROI. Getting over 80,000 downloads this fast proves that the market agrees with us. Awards like these give us even more confidence in our path forward.”

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FusionAuth is designed to be the most flexible and secure Customer Identity and Access Management solution available at the best price. We provide registration, login, passwordless login, SSO, MFA, data search, social login, user management and more, 100% free for unlimited users.

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