FusionAuth Snags Identity and Access Management Product of the Year

FusionAuth was awarded Identity and Access Management Product of the Year by Enterprise Security Magazine


Published: June 17, 2019

We’ve got some exciting news: FusionAuth was awarded Identity and Access Management Product of the Year by Enterprise Security Magazine. When we found out, we were stunned. At first they notified us we were included in their Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers and that was exciting enough. Every year they identify a group of ten companies they consider to be at the forefront of IAM that are disrupting the marketplace. We were stoked just to be considered for this select group, let alone be included in the top ten. A few weeks later we found that we had been named IAM Product of the Year. Wow. Keep in mind, only a few days earlier we were awarded a Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Certificate, so this additional recognition was completely unexpected. We are thankful to be receiving this attention from the IAM community.

IAM Product of the Year Certificate.

Are we happy? Absolutely. We love that the industry is recognizing the value we provide. Does this change anything? Not a bit. From the beginning we set out to remove the challenges to deploy, test and integrate secure authentication and identity management for any application, anywhere. We knew there was a need in the marketplace, but with the enthusiastic response we are getting, it’s clear existing solutions are not serving developers’ auth needs for modern applications. We look forward to continuing to improve FusionAuth and provide the best IAM solution available at any price.

For the whole story on where we started and where we are going, read our feature article in Enterprise Security Magazine.

Approaching 100,000 Downloads Fast

When Brian Pontarelli was first interviewed for the article, he was excited to share we had just surpassed the 66,000 downloads. Since then the total has continued to rise steadily. Now FusionAuth is closing in on 100,000 downloads by developers around the world. Here’s a quick location map with each badge representing all the downloads from that city—100,000 badges would look horrible.

FusionAuth World Map.

Notice that we are on six continents, and we even have downloads on Antarctica. We’re not sure if that is on a boat or actually on the continent, so we’re waiting for more information. If it is land-based, we will be the first IAM solution to have true worldwide coverage. Not bad for our first nine months! The rest of the year is shaping up to be even more exciting. Soon we’ll be able to announce our most recent client wins, and we can’t wait to share what’s coming in the next release! Stay tuned!

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FusionAuth is designed to be the most flexible and secure Customer Identity and Access Management solution available at the best price. We provide registration, login, passwordless login, SSO, MFA, data search, social login, user management and more, 100% free for unlimited users.

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