Omedym Chooses FusionAuth Customer Identity and Access Management to Scale Customer Growth; Replaces Former Cloud Provider

Omeydm's need for multi-tenancy, SSO and a powerful API drove the company to choose FusionAuth over other vendors.


Published: December 14, 2021

FusionAuth, the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, has been chosen by Omedym as its customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. The digitized demo solution previously worked with a cloud-based identity provider and open source frameworks but made the change because with its rapid growth it had hit the boundaries of what they could offer. After reviewing multiple CIAM vendors, Omedym chose FusionAuth for reasons including its ability to work in a multi-tenant environment, extensive SSO options, and its developer-first approach to authentication.

“I want engineers focused on building core value, not reinventing and then maintaining something as intricate and critical as authentication,” said David Vins, CTO at Omedym. “We have complex needs in that we’re a multi-sided, multi-tenant enterprise SaaS platform and need to support customer specific identity providers for SSO. We also require end-to-end authentication across different applications, microservices, and APIs. FusionAuth’s flexible multi-tenant architecture and first-class developer experience enabled us to unify all of this in short order, and made it simpler than others to do so.”

FusionAuth’s IAM platform was built with developers in mind and is API-first, meaning that developers are able to easily integrate its robust authorization and authentication services such as OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML directly into the products they build. This focus on “developer-experience” stood out to Omedym.

“This wasn’t just a technology decision – it was a business decision, too,” said Greg Dickinson, CEO at Omedym. “We absolutely had to work with a partner that allowed us to be responsive to our customers’ needs and stay ahead of market requirements. This also freed up my development team to continue to keep us in the lead on Digital Demo solutions, instead of investing engineering resources where FusionAuth already has deep expertise.”

“Omedym is the type of customer we love working with. They know and respect that authorization and authentication is a complex but essential process, but don’t want their development teams having to build it,” said Don Bergal, CEO of FusionAuth. “Stepping into a relationship like this where we bring a mature platform so their development can focus on what they do best is exactly why we created FusionAuth.”

FusionAuth continually innovates, bringing unique features to market that make it easy for developers to add authentication and authorization. In recent months, the company has launched its Entity Management, Advanced Multi Factor Authentication, Advanced Threat Detection and Enterprise Kubernetes Support features.

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FusionAuth is the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, by developers. It solves the problem of building essential user security without adding risk or distracting from the primary application. For developers and technical leaders creating products for external users, FusionAuth puts them in the driver’s seat, with control, flexibility and developer ergonomics. FusionAuth tames the risk and complexity that comes with typical identity systems. With self-hosted or cloud software, extensive documentation, free options, fast deployment and a no-hassle process, it eliminates the business hurdles that make it hard for developers to meet their authentication and authorization requirements. Learn more at

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