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Published: December 19, 2019

On December 17th we had the first of what will be many Open Office Hours here at FusionAuth and we are damn happy with how it went. The first time out of the gate for anything always brings risks of glitches but everything went down as smooth as a fine whiskey. Check out the video and summary below to see and hear for yourself.

If you missed the this first one, FusionAuth’s Open Office Hours are free sessions where you can ask us anything you want about identity, authentication and authorization. Of course we can talk about FusionAuth, but we’re ready to answer anything about OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, RBAC, ABAC, ACLs, security, JWTs, whatever. We’ll be doing these every month throughout 2020, so keep watch on our site and social feeds for the sign-up links.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered this month:

  • Plans as Nashorn is deprecated in Java 11
  • OAuth default settings
  • OAuth and SAML workflows
  • FusionAuth and G-Suite Password Resets
  • MFA workflows
  • Client credential grants
  • Anonymous tokens and “token vending machines”
  • Using Tenants for Enterprise Identity Unification
  • Migrating from Cognito, Auth0 or other solutions
  • Admin-initiated password changes
  • AppleID and other cloaked identity providers
  • Grand screening for apps
  • Silent install and configuration
  • FusionAuth issue list at Github
  • Multiple emails for single users
  • LDAP as an identity prover
  • FusionAuth Roadmap and project plan
  • API endpoint to create API keys & related security issues
  • OAuth Standards
  • Implicit grants and vulnerabilities
  • FusionAuth Expert Advice on website
  • Send us your dev tool suggestions
  • JWS and JWE support
  • Mutual TLS to protect JWTs
  • New feature requests
  • Using webhooks
  • LDAP on the roadmap
  • Custom claims and lambdas in FusionAuth

We’ll have another session in January, so get your questions ready! We look forward to talking with you. Here’s this month’s video.

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