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  • Omedym Chooses FusionAuth Customer Identity and Access Management to Scale Customer Growth; Replaces Former Cloud Provider

    FusionAuth, the authentication and authorization platform built for developers, has been chosen by Omedym as its customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. The digitized demo solution previously worked with a cloud-based identity provider and open source frameworks but made the change because with its rapid growth it had hit the boundaries of what they could offer. After reviewing multiple CIAM vendors, Omedym chose FusionAuth for reasons including its ability to work in a multi-tenant environment, extensive SSO options, and its developer-first approach to authentication.

  • Log4j CVE: How it affects FusionAuth (TLDR: It doesn't)

    The recent announcement of CVE-2021-44228, which allows for “arbitrary code loaded from LDAP servers when message lookup substitution is enabled” through a vulnerability in log4J has many people double checking the dependencies of their Java applications. This CVE is also known as the “Log4Shell” vulnerability.

    FusionAuth is not affected by this vulnerability in Log4j. FusionAuth uses a different logging framework, Logback, so there is no way that any FusionAuth applications could be compromised.

  • How to Set Up Single Sign-On Between FusionAuth and WordPress

    User authentication is one of the most important parts of building any application, and almost every application features some sort of authentication. However, it quickly gets difficult to manage authentication when you have multiple related but independent applications to maintain.

  • We'll see you at AWS re:Invent

    AWS re:Invent is one of the largest technical conferences in the world. In the cloud space, it is the go-to event. This year there will be tens of thousands of attendees in Las Vegas, NV the week after Thanksgiving. The FusionAuth team will be among them, and we’d love to see you.

  • Announcing FusionAuth 1.31

    We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.31.0 of FusionAuth. This version shipped on November 18, 2021. 1.31.0 includes a ton of bug fixes and improvements to the Identity Providers feature.