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  • Firebase and FusionAuth CIAM Comparison

    As we talk to and win new clients, we learn about the other identity management platforms that are available today. One of the more interesting discoveries is that Firebase and FusionAuth are coming up as comparable products. While they are both called identity management solutions, the truth is that Firebase and FusionAuth are very different products designed with a substantially different set of features. As true CIAM solutions, they really don’t compare.

  • Multi-tenancy in a Single-tenant Architecture

    While FusionAuth is fundamentally a single-tenant solution, we do support multiple tenants within a single-tenant instance. In this post I’ll outline a few of the common use cases we solve with our tenancy feature.

  • Download File Counts from Google Cloud Storage

    Watching real-time Google Analytics is fun but it wasn’t telling us how many people are downloading FusionAuth. Since we are using download count to measure if people are finding FusionAuth and the website is making it easy for them to download and play around with it, I wanted to display our download count on the dashboard we have in the office.

  • Amazon Cognito and FusionAuth Comparison

    Identity management is a hot topic lately—stories about cyber breaches, industrial-scale data mining and the EU’s GDPR all connect back to a company’s identity system eventually. Too often those stories gloss over that fact that many of these data protection failures were avoidable if companies implemented more effective customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions. Two popular solutions, Amazon Cognito and FusionAuth approach the problem from different perspectives.

  • Active Directory and FusionAuth CIAM Comparison

    Active Directory and FusionAuth CIAM often come up together in conversations about identity solutions for modern web-enabled applications. While they fall under the umbrella of “identity management solutions,” the truth is that Active Directory and FusionAuth have a substantially different set of features. Active Directory was originally developed for centralized domain management within Windows networks with hundreds of users. Over time they layered additional identity-focused services on the core hierarchical structure.