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  • Securing React Native with OAuth

    In this tutorial, we will set up a React Native application to work with OAuth. We’ll use FusionAuth for auth, but the React Native code should work with any OAuth compliant server.

  • Breached Password Detection: How to Lock User Accounts with a Webhook

    Suppose you have an application to which access is so sensitive that if any user’s password is found to be breached, the account should immediately be locked; the user should not be able to sign in. While you can force a user to change their password out of the box, an outright lock option isn’t built-in. What can you do?

  • How to Securely Implement OAuth in Vue.js

    In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of implementing the OAuth Authorization Code Grant in a Vue.js app. We’ll use FusionAuth as the IdP and also show you how to configure FusionAuth.

  • Announcing FusionAuth 1.18

    We’re excited to announce the release of version 1.18. The 1.18 release shipped in July, 2020. This version delivers new features as well as resolving issues for users on version 1.17 and older.

  • How to enable breached password detection with FusionAuth

    While there are many ways for people to authenticate with online systems, usernames and passwords are still commonly used credentials. Unfortunately, many passwords have been compromised and made available on the Internet. When combined with the fact that users often reuse passwords across different systems, this means that your application or site may be at risk through no fault of your own.