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  • Deactivating, reactivating, and deleting a FusionAuth user in Python

    Did you know that you can deactivate, reactivate, or delete a user within your applications using API calls from the FusionAuth Python client library? These tools are great for data conscious organizations, executing your organization’s data handling compliance policies (Learn more about GDPR data compliance here), and fast user management for developers using FusionAuth. This tutorial will give us a chance to explore more of the FusionAuth Python client library while learning about these three valuable API calls.

  • Implementing FusionAuth with Python - from setup to first app

    Welcome to our FusionAuth Python Library introduction tutorial! Today we will take a tour of the FusionAuth Python client library and get to know the basics of FusionAuth. This step-by-step guide will walk you through FusionAuth setup to building your first functional Python application with FusionAuth and then retrieving user profile information.

  • Denver Startup Week Wrap Up

    Denver Startup Week is the largest free startup event on the planet, attracting more attention and growing larger every year. This year was no exception with a record 20,000+ people participating in more than 350 sessions hosted in venues and offices across the city. It’s clear that Denver has assembled a powerful mix of tech expertise, entrepreneurs, and funding channels into a fertile incubator for innovative startups.

  • DataStax's Switch to FusionAuth - A Case Study

    It was a frustrating day when DataStax found out their identity provider was shutting down with very little notice. They needed to switch fast, and they needed to do it without disrupting their customers and the DataStax Academy. Thankfully they found FusionAuth.

  • AngularDenver is Next Week!

    If you are an Angular developer or looking to add it to your skillset, get to Colorado next week for the second annual AngularDenver conference. Angular experts from around the world will be sharing their best strategies and techniques with the 400+ attendees already registered. According to the organizers there’s still room, but space is running out quick so buy your tickets soon!