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  • FusionAuth 1.7 Release Provides Advanced Consent Management and Family Relationship Models

    Summer is here and so is FusionAuth 1.7! This release adds sophisticated Consent Management and Family Relationship Models that simplify obtaining and tracking individual and parental consent choices. There are also a few changes and minor fixes in this release for issues discovered by QA testers and our community of users on Stackoverflow and Github. Get an overview of the consent management and family relationship models below, and visit the release notes and documentation for full details.

  • FusionAuth Snags Identity and Access Management Product of the Year

    We’ve got some exciting news: FusionAuth was awarded Identity and Access Management Product of the Year by Enterprise Security Magazine. When we found out, we were stunned. At first they notified us we were included in their Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers and that was exciting enough. Every year they identify a group of ten companies they consider to be at the forefront of IAM that are disrupting the marketplace.

  • FusionAuth Identity & Access Management Solution Is Recognized with Industry Distinctions from Leading SaaS Review Platform

    CompareCamp, a B2B and B2C technology review site, recently awarded FusionAuth the 2019 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards. This is a huge accomplishment. We created FusionAuth to provide a free, powerful customer identity access management (CIAM) platform for every app in every size organization.

  • Join us for Boulder Startup Week

    Do you have the incredible skills to start your own business and be successful? The heros at Boulder Startup Week (BSW) can show you how you can do it without becoming a green rage monster in the process. This year BSW—the original startup week event—is celebrating ten years of bringing together the marvels of the technology, business and entrepreneur communities. FusionAuth is proud to be one of the many presenters, volunteers and sponsors that bring this event to life.

  • FusionAuth 1.6 Adds SAML Support and More

    If you haven’t seen it on Github yet, we are always taking feedback and suggestions on what our clients need from FusionAuth. This week we are releasing Version 1.6 and are stoked to deliver it to you. We’ve added a few new features and made some minor fixes for issues discovered by our community of users on Stackoverflow and Github. Get the brief overview below, and visit our release notes for the full details.