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  • Getting Started with Email Templates in FusionAuth

    The email templates in FusionAuth can be customized allowing you to present a consistent brand across all customer touch points. In this post, we show you how to set up the email templates to be ready to use FusionAuth’s integrated email features.

  • Got Users? How About 100 Million of Them?

    FusionAuth User Registration Hits 100,000,000 in Load Test

    Did you know that each time you log into Facebook, check your email or fire up Fortnite, a software engineer has thought about user registration and authentication. Hopefully she has thought a lot about it. For example, what happens if Call of Duty goes offline for maintenance and then six million users try to log back in at the same time? It could take days for users to get back online if peak loads aren’t planned for.

  • FusionAuth Reviews from Around the World

    It’s been only a few months since we launched FusionAuth and the reviews are coming in from all over. So far, developers are loving it! What’s not to love? We designed FusionAuth to deploy in seconds, integrate with any codebase, and run anywhere on any platform.

  • Easy Integration of FusionAuth and Node.js

    There are a variety of strategies for authentication in Node.js apps, but none provide the security, features and complete user management that come with FusionAuth. In this tutorial we’ll start with a simple Express application and show you how to add FusionAuth to register and authenticate users.

  • FusionAuth 1.4 Adds Self-Service Registration, TypeScript Client Library & More

    FusionAuth 1.4 was just released and is available for direct download and through our FastPath one-line install. It includes new features, a few changes, and some minor fixes for issues discovered by our excellent community and QA testers. Get the brief overview below, and visit our release notes for the full details.