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  • Introducing biometric authentication

    FusionAuth, the developer-focused authentication platform, today announces the addition of biometric passwordless login using WebAuthn to its long list of authentication features. This enables application developers to offer the convenience and security of using built-in fingerprint and facial recognition from their mobile and laptop computers, without the need for any installed apps.

  • Illustrative Mathematics saved 50% by moving to FusionAuth from Auth0

    Dylan Dechant is a FusionAuth community member and Director of Engineering at Illustrative Mathematics. He chatted with us over email about how he and his team are using FusionAuth to meet their auth needs.

  • How to migrate from Azure AD B2C

    Azure AD B2C is a serverless CIAM offering from Microsoft Azure with integration across many Azure services. It offers authentication and authorization for users. Azure AD B2C supports a number of OAuth grants, including the Authorization Code grant, the Implicit grant and the Client Credentials grant.

  • Why consider cross-platform gaming accounts?

    More and more games are launching across two or more platforms. One of the prime reasons why game developers go cross-platform is to leverage a larger market. Being able to sell products to a whole new set of users is an incredible win for game developers, and demand for cross-play from gamers is increasing as well.

  • Hackfests at FusionAuth

    Hackfests, also called hackathons or fedex days (because you “ship in a day”), build team cohesion and allow for exploration of new technologies and processes.

    FusionAuth has been doing hackfests for a few years now. I wanted to document the what, why and how of them.