Partnering in The Passwordless Decade

FusionAuth and HYPR partner to delivery the strongest security and best user experienced.


Published: October 21, 2020

Today HYPR announced the launch of Velocity, our Partner Program aimed at building a strong passwordless ecosystem.

FusionAuth has quickly become a leader in the Identity space delivering incredible value to developers and enterprises looking for a modern CIAM package. FusionAuth has all the features you’d expect from such a solution (SAML, OIDC, social sign-on and more), as well as the ability to self-host, great developer ergonomics and an API first approach. FusionAuth provides authentication, authorization, and user management for any app, language, and framework.

That’s why we’re excited to work closely with FusionAuth as one of our inaugural Velocity partners, assembling the best and brightest platforms in the user authentication space.

Together, our HYPR Passwordless Cloud and FusionAuth Platforms work hand in hand to give customers rapid time-to-value.

FusionAuth is feature-rich and enterprise-ready. By working together HYPR can extend their strong high assurance standards to the passwordless authentication layer. United we can enhance the passwordless ecosystem with:

  • Rapid deployability with features such as auto provisioning and out-of-the-box passwordless registration.
  • Ease of use for developers by supporting HYPR as a native authentication module for FusionAuth.
  • Expanding on rich APIs to support complex enterprise use cases through a tight integration between FusionAuth and HYPR.

We’re excited to grow our combined customer base together. Consumers of FusionAuth and HYPR are among the landscape’s most discerning. They already demand and value the strongest security and the best user experience. What they see in each of our solutions will be even more obvious in our combined offerings as partners.

Now let’s eliminate some passwords.

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