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Published: March 20, 2024

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to click on a “forgot password” link again? Taking that dream a step further, what if you never had to come up with a password at all? Passkeys are the solution that makes these dreams possible. Ready to learn more? Sign up now for our free webinar.

The Downfall of Passwords

The fact is, passwords should have died long ago. Their inherent insecurity, made worse by user password fatigue, should be reason enough to bid them adieu. But that leaves out the important discussions around company resources, security breaches, and so much more.

It’s time for something better. For that matter, it’s been time for…a long time. And that something better is the passkey.

What Are Passkeys

Passkeys are a form of authentication that can augment or completely replace passwords. As only one of the two keys lives on a server, they’re inherently more secure than passwords. Often times the private key (held by the user) can only be accessed by a fingerprint or facial recognition, enforcing even greater security measures.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google rolled out support for passkeys in 2022. Since then, many major companies have joined in the effort. You’ll now find passkey logins for Facebook, LinkedIn, Best Buy, Nintendo, Shopify, and many more. That said, the transition is still slower than it needs to be to say farewell to passwords.

The Advantages of Passkeys

The list of advantages for passkeys is large and growing. They’re more secure by their very nature. When implemented well, they provide a seamless user experience. What’s even more impressive is that they share that same experience across devices.

One area that doesn’t get a lot of air time is how passkeys can improve product adoption. By eliminating friction and password fatigue, passkeys make it dead simple to log in and never have to remember a password. We’re already seeing big names like Best Buy, Robinhood, Adobe and more adopt passkeys. It’s a decision that, no doubt, is driven at some level by increased adoption.

Passkeys Unlocked

We’ve only touched the surface of passkeys, but we want to tell you more. So we’re hosting a free webinar where we’re going to dive into their history, benefits, use cases, and why passkeys are setting businesses apart. Passkeys webinar We’re not going to get into the technical nitty gritty in this webinar. We’ll save that for another time. This webinar covers use cases for passkeys in 2024 and beyond. So engineers, invite your product owners, security folks, and UX designers.

Staying ahead of threats is table stakes these days. You simply don’t want to be the next name in the news when a security breach happens because of password fatigue. Join us on April 11th at 10am PT, 1pm ET. You won’t want to miss this webinar so grab your spot today!

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