FusionAuth is going to KCDC

FusionAuth is going to KCDC Conference in Kansas. Stop by and see us!


Published: August 3, 2022

It’s conference season! Last week we were at THAT, next week we’ll be at KCDC (The Kansas City Developer Conference). This is a developer focused conference which happens in downtown Kansas City Aug 8-10. We’re sponsoring KCDC this year.

This conference focuses on developers, architects, managers and more. As far as technical topics covered, there is one or more sessions for each of the following:

  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud
  • Architecture
  • Human Skills
  • Data Science and Data
  • .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • and more. Much more.

Whew, that’s broad, and I didn’t even list them all. Here’s the schedule if you’d like to see specific details about sessions. You can also view the conference site to learn more about the conferences in general.

Why the team is attending

FusionAuth is auth built by devs, for devs, so we love to connect to developers at tech focused conferences like KCDC Conference. We enjoy conversations about how developers are solving their problems, including auth and CIAM, at their job. We also learn about other development practices and experiences. The cross pollination of conferences, making you aware of tech, even if you don’t use it, is so important to staying current.

We’re looking forward to specific sessions too. Exciting talks include:

  • “Competence is Overrated"
  • "Deserialization exploits in Java: why should I care?"
  • "How to Hack OAuth” from @aaronpk

Note that this list isn’t complete; there are a lot of great talks! Finally, let’s not forget the hallway track, one of the best parts of any conference. You can’t beat the in-person conference experience for connection, serendipity and conversation.

Meet up with FusionAuth

If you want to meet up with the FusionAuth team at KCDC, we’re around and ready to chat.

Find us in a couple of places:

  • We are going to be at booth 527 in the sponsors area. We should be easy to find since this isn’t a re:Invent size conference. Come say hi for a demo of FusionAuth, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant (yay PKCE!), or to sign up to win an Oculus Quest.
  • I’ll be giving a talk on WebAuthn first thing Tuesday morning. Come heckle me!
  • We’ll be out and about as well. Send us a note via our contact form or tweet/DM me or our corporate account if you’d like to say hey.

Happy KCDC! Hope to see you there.

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