We'll see you at THAT Conference

FusionAuth is going to THAT Conference in Wisconsin. Stop by and see us!


Published: July 25, 2022

THAT Conference is a developer focused conference which takes place in several locations, including in Texas and Wisconsin. It’s happening this week in Wisconsin.

This year, FusionAuth is sponsoring it.

This conference focuses on developers, but the talks cover a lot of ground. I also like the family focus. The conference takes place at the Wisconsin Dells, a beautiful part of that state.

As far as technical topics covered, they include:

  • the MERN stack
  • OpenTelemetry
  • IoT
  • career development
  • data
  • .NET
  • NoSQL
  • and more

Whew, that’s a pretty broad purview, and I didn’t cover it all. Here’s the schedule if you’d like to see specific details. You can also view the conference site.

Why the team is attending

FusionAuth is auth built by devs, for devs, so we love to connect to developers at conferences like THAT Conference. We have great conversations about how developers are solving auth and CIAM problems at their company as well as learning about other development practices and experiences.

THAT Conference is powered by the developer community, aimed at inclusivity, and takes place in a beautiful location in the midwest.

What is not to like? Well, the name can be a bit confusing. There’s that. (See what I did there.)

We’re looking forward to the sessions. Exciting options include “Modern Authentication and Authorization with OIDC, OAuth2, and Resource-based Permissions”, “Stranger Danger: Your JavaScript attack surface just got bigger!” and “HTTP: Past, Present, and Future”.

I’m especially looking forward to FusionAuth team member Matt Hathcock’s presentation: “Protecting your API with OAuth”. Note that this list isn’t everything interesting; there are a lot of great talks!

Finally, let’s not forget the hallway track, one of the great parts of any conference. You can’t beat the in-person conference experience for connection and conversation.

Meet up with FusionAuth

If you want to meet up with the FusionAuth team at THAT Conference, we’re around and ready to chat.

Find us in a couple of places:

  • We have a booth in the sponsor hallway. We should be easy to find since this isn’t a re:Invent size conference. Come say hi for a demo, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant, or to sign up to win a Lego set or an Oculus Quest.
  • As mentioned above, FusionAuth team member Matt Hathcock is talking on Thursday about how to protect your API using tokens and the OAuth2 standard. Come heckle him!
  • We’ll be out and about as well. Send us a note via our contact form or tweet/DM our corporate account.

Happy THAT Conference! Hope to see you there.

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