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FusionAuth is a secure and comprehensive identity and access management tool designed for developers by developers. The solution, which can be deployed on-prem or through cloud-based servers, plugs seamlessly into applications and can be fully customized. By pairing high-level customer support with low price points, FusionAuth is putting streamlined development within reach for a growing number of programmers.


Published: May 4, 2021

Businesses have begun to acknowledge that the physical health of developers is an asset. As a result, many workstations now come equipped with furniture and devices designed to encourage natural posture, reduce exertion, and function within optimal reach zones. Such tools boost productivity by helping eliminate employee absences caused by repetitive strain injuries.

But employers often overlook the mental strain developers can experience from repetitive and complex coding tasks. Fortunately, the team at FusionAuth is working to reduce such pain points in the massively complex customer identity access management (CIAM) space.

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