Create an Application

1. Create an Application

Before you start your integration with FusionAuth you need to setup at least one Application. Applications are the way that FusionAuth manages registrations of a user. If you haven’t read the Overview section yet, it describes the relationship between Users and Applications. An Application in FusionAuth represents an authenticated resource.

Click on Applications from the main menu to add an application. You can optionally define all of the roles for you Application on this form as well, or do so later.

Create an Application
Table 1. Form Fields

Id Optional

An optional UUID. When this value is omitted a unique Id will be generated automatically.

Name Required

A unique name to identity the Application. This name is for display purposes only and it can be modified later if desired.

Tenant Required

The tenant to which this Application will be assigned. This value cannot be changed once the Application is created. This field is only displayed when more than one tenant exists.