We don't have a Sales Team... No, Seriously

Just sign up for one of our editions. If there's something specific you need, let us know and we'll figure it out together.

Questions and answers

Why don't you have a sales team?

I'm glad you asked. We got tired of dealing with procurement managers who want to endlessly negotiate pricing and legal terms for no reason until one or both parties ultimately die of exhaustion or boredom.

We are engineers, and we prefer the idea of great software selling itself instead of a sales team trying to convince you.

It may sound counterintuitive to allocate resources to improve the product we're selling, rather than to spend time making PDFs and fancy charts, but we're having great success with this strategy.

So how am I supposed to buy your software for my company?

Please download the Community edition and check out FusionAuth for yourself. We think you'll like it.

If downloading sounds like a lot of work (it isn't), you can also purchase FusionAuth Cloud for roughly 10 cents an hour. You've already spent more than that reading this FAQ.

When you're ready, purchase an Edition that suits your needs. Trust us, buying software can be simple. We work with many large organizations. If they can figure it out, we have confidence you will too.

What about compliance, security and special requirements?

We can accommodate most any requirements, and are happy to match your needs with a custom edition.

Let us know what you need; we'll let you know what the extra cost will be. Super simple.

What!? I don't get this outrageous, unorthodox sales strategy.

We make software. Awesome software that lets your team work on their awesome software.

If you would like to buy FusionAuth, we are happy to accept your money in return for our hosting, support, software or services.

We would love to have your business, but if you find another solution with a sales process you prefer, we'll still be here if you end up changing your mind.

Can we just schedule a quick call?

If we can't easily answer your question by email, then we'd be happy to set up a call. We're flexible.

We may be engineers, but we are quite adept at speaking to humans on the phone.

How am I supposed to get a price quote?

We use a "transparency first" approach to our business, including pricing. We don't use different pricing for each customer based on how big your company is and how much money we think we can get you to pay.

Instead, we offer the same pricing to everyone and we feel that our prices are fair and quite competitive. To help you understand our pricing, we created an honest and transparent tool that you can use to calculate pricing for most combinations of FusionAuth Editions and FusionAuth Cloud.

Try our price calculator now!

Also, check out our License FAQ

FusionAuth is Complete Auth for Any App

FusionAuth is a complete solution with no sacrifices.
We got this. Go build something awesome.