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FusionAuth provides all of the features you need without the need to code plugins or purchase an enterprise license.

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Flexible architecture

FusionAuth's downloadable SaaS architecture provides maximum flexibility when it comes to deployment. You can also choose the type of database to use and the OS to install on.

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Auth the way you want

FusionAuth makes it simple to authenticate and authorize your users exactly the way you want.

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Security and compliance

FusionAuth is secure and can run in any data center. This makes it simple to comply with regulations and keep your user data safe.

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Ultimate password control

FusionAuth provides all the controls you need to manage passwords and comply with security requirements and regulations.

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Customizable user experience

FusionAuth allows you to skin the login pages, localize messages and present your brand when users log in. You can also use FusionAuth's registration forms to quickly add registration to your app.

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Built for <devs>

FusionAuth is purpose built to make developers' lives simpler. Every feature is accessible via the API.

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User management and reporting

FusionAuth comes with a pre-built user management UI and numerous reports. You won't need to build that by hand here.

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FusionAuth was designed to scale. We built each component to handle hundreds of millions of users.

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NEW! FusionAuth Reactor

FusionAuth Reactor is a suite of powerful features that extends FusionAuth's core functionality.

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Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.