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On-Premises, Private Cloud, or FusionAuth Cloud

Every instance of FusionAuth is an isolated deployment with its own servers and database. This ensures that your data is completely isolated from other customers and applications. Read this blog post to learn more about single vs. multi-tenant solutions.

Multi-tenant Capable

FusionAuth allows you to create tenants that logically separate Applications, Users, Themes, Emails and more. This is great for white-labelling, multiple environments (dev, stage, prod) on a single deployment, and much more. Read this blog post to learn more about FusionAuth's multi-tenant support.

Support for Multiple Applications

You can connect any number of applications to FusionAuth. You can also use the FusionAuth OpenID Connect or SAML v2 front-end to provide single sign-on for all your apps. Roles are also separated by application to provide complete control over authorization for your users.

Choose Your Database

FusionAuth supports MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. This means you pick the database server that best fits your needs. Most cloud database provides are also supported including Amazon's RDS and Google's Cloud SQL.

Vanilla Elasticsearch

FusionAuth uses Elasticsearch to provide advanced user search capabilities. Any Elasticsearch 6.x server will work. This means you can use cloud provided Elasticsearch options or roll your own Elasticsearch cluster.

Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.

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