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FusionAuth Reactor is a powerful suite of features developed to extend FusionAuth's core functionality and is available to customers with a paid edition of FusionAuth.

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FusionAuth Reactor Components

Each FusionAuth Reactor component addresses specific challenges within identity, access and user management. Here are the features that are part of Reactor:

Breached Password Detection NEW!

FusionAuth will check user login credentials against a set of leaked databases that we've collected from all over the Internet (including the dark web). You can enable Breached Password Detection during account creation, password resets, password changes and login. You can then force the user to change their password or notify them via email. FusionAuth will also mark the user's account as using a breached password until it is changed. This can be used for reporting and analytics.

Advanced Registration Forms Coming soon!

Soon you'll be able to collect custom user data and perform complex validation during registration inside FusionAuth. Our Advanced Registration Forms will provide the ability to collect custom user data and store it within FusionAuth. Admins will be able to edit this user data inside FusionAuth's admin UI as well.

Enhanced Threat Detection Coming soon!

Worried that hackers might be attacking your application? FusionAuth will perform threat detection each time a user logs in. Using an adaptive threat model based on numerous factors, FusionAuth will determine if an authentication looks like a high risk event. When FusionAuth detects an elevated risk, you'll be able to force a multi-factor authentication or lock the user's account automatically.

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