Biometric Authentication with WebAuthn

Don't get distracted building your own. FusionAuth is Auth built for developers. 

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Feature rich. Cost effective. When it comes to adding Biometric Authentication with WebAuthn to your upcoming project, go with an Auth platform built from a developer's point of view.

Leverage device-native biometric authentication powered by WebAuthn to verify end users and provide a secure, passwordless login experience.

Quickly enable biometric login for your customers with just a few clicks.

Out of the box built-in device native Authentication (FaceID, TouchID, Windows Hello, Android Fingerprint)

Easily double up on security by adding Reauthentication.

Create a seamless and intuitive user experience, while decreasing customer login friction.

What Real FusionAuth Developers Have to Say

I have been absolutely blown away with their offerings and even moreso with their support. Sure you can go pay 3-4x more with the other guys for the same product, but why?  Seriously check FusionAuth out and then thank me later.

James Janovich
Director of Development