The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your Auth

Curious about using a SaaS or open source solution for your auth, identity and access management needs? While modern auth systems can be quite complex, three pieces of functionality appear in almost every one: authentication, authorization and user management. When you are implementing an application, you can choose to build this functionality from scratch or use an existing auth system provider to outsource.

Much like you outsource data management to a relational database system such as Postgresql, you can do the same with auth, with many of the same benefits. This book will cover how to evaluate an auth system, risks you might encounter and how to mitigate them, and migration and implementation details. Topics include:

  • Getting Buy-In For Outsourcing Auth
  • Open Source Vs Commercial Auth Providers
  • The Value of Trying Your Auth Provider Before You Commit
  • Multi-Tenant Vs Single-Tenant IDaaS Solutions
  • Special Considerations When Migrating Users

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