Starting with self hosting and moving to fusionauth cloud?

  • Can I start self-hosted to save costs during initial dev of my web-app and then move the user db to your hosted cloud later? Or just point my app at your hosted cloud and all the API calls will be the same (just to a different URL obviously)?

  • Yes. You can start with self-hosted and then switch to FusionAuth Cloud anytime. However, you must be using PostgreSQL for your self-hosted deployment in order to make the switch, so bear that in mind.

    Once you've decided to move to FusionAuth cloud, all that is required to complete the switch is a pg_dump of your database. The best way to handle that is for you to run a specific pg_dump command we provide and then encrypt that file with a shared password. You send us the file and we install it into your FusionAuth Cloud deployment.

  • FYI a lot more FusionAuth Cloud details are available in the cloud installation guide.

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