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  • Hello there, I'm trying to push for fusion auth in our group but I'm struggling to get it working with Traefik.

    I started by getting the fusionauth-example-vue example working. I've tried to followed the tutorial but there were bumps on the way (thanks the effort but things need a review - seriously).

    Following the tutorial didn't work. Then, I put the finished version on the github repo to work locally and tried to containerize it. Which is done.
    However I got all sort of errors with traefik.

    Is it possible to provide a complete simple example of fusionauth and traefik working together? The only mention to traefik I've seen in docs, tutorials and posts are just half-baked snippets that might make sense to very experienced people in both systems and say very little to nothing to people trying to explore the tools.

    Here is my half baked attempt to make it.
    My goal is to provide different implementations and use traefik to route them.
    Currently the vue example is in the vue-example branch.

    I will try to improve on doc but generally, running the script will create the certificates and docker-compose up should suffice to get all infrastructure running (once is done).

    Feedback and contributions are very much appreciated.

  • @daniel-porto welcome to the FusionAuth community!

    Sorry for the issues with the Vue tutorial, appreciate your feedback.

    I don't have any experience with Traefik, but here's configuration contributed by a community member: Proxy Configurations/Traefik

    I think that came from this GH issue:

    As far as a complete simple example, I am not aware of any, but maybe someone else from the community can share one. Thanks for sharing your current progress!

  • Hello Dan, thanks for replying.
    The links you mentioned is the ones I'm referring to in my post.
    They are not complete. Albeit they might make sense for people experienced in both fusionauth and traefik they said very little to me for a couple of reasons.

    I will work on augmenting my example and perhaps it will benefit other people exploring fusionauth. Hope I can count on your feedback.
    Thank you.

  • Did you see this one too?

    A community member put together some pretty comprehensive docker compose files for various proxies.

  • Yes I have,
    Unfortunately this one is also incomplete.
    It only has traefik basic configuration to route to fusionauth. That's not the only thing I'm trying to achieve and it is already working.

    My scenario similar to this:

  • Fair enough.

    While I'm always interested in learning more about how FusionAuth fits into system architectures, we don't document many proxy configurations, as they tend to be pretty scenario specific. There are also a lot of different proxies out there, often with good documentation!

    But sure, anything you figure out we'd love to have you add to the fusionauth-contrib project as a PR to share with the community.


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