FusionAuth Security Compliance Certifications

  • I was reviewing the security and compliance section and had a question about how the compliance works. Does FusionAuth provide any sort of compliance certifications that can be shared with the clients of companies that leverage FusionAuth? So are customers provided with any sort of certification documents they can share, is there a generic FusionAuth certification that can be shared, etc?

    Just curious as we're looking to get our SOC2 compliance as well, so I believe part of that would include us needing to include some documentation around our user management/auth implementation.

  • @cameron-chapman,

    Typically the best place to get answers for these kinds of questions is our contact form.

    Here is a FAQ with some compliance information.

    And here's another one, with slightly different but still useful information.

    But if you have specific questions, please reach out directly.

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