Switching databases from mysql to postgresql

  • Is there an easy way to migrate FusionAuth from MySQL to PostgreSQL engine?

    We have 2 environments to migrate, because of the DigitalOcean primary key issue, and we're wondering if you did face something like this before.

    I checked FusionAuth docs but there wasn't anything useful for our goal. If there is nothing, can you please tell us what should we take care for to have a successful migration?

  • There is no easy way to do this. You'd have to migrate your configuration, your users and your DNS (if you are standing up a separate system).

    If you have all your configuration as scripts, that should be easy to migrate, otherwise you need to move things over manually.

    You could probably script a retrieve and then add of all the configuration, but there is no 'export all configuration' option.

    For your users, you could do a database dump to get the hashes and do a bulk import. Or if you have developer edition you could set up a slow migration using connectors. The user migration process is broadly documented here: https://fusionauth.io/docs/v1/tech/guides/migration/

    DNS migration is like any other DNS migration.

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