Can I find all users by tenant?

  • I'm frustrated when I need to find a list of users that belong to a Tenant. The users page in the admin UI seems to only allow searching users by email, name or role.

  • Try clicking on the Advanced section on the User Search page and see you find what you're looking for.

    Or search like this tenantId:9d92ca33-bc7b-4d13-acd7-f7dc06038396 where 9d92ca33-bc7b-4d13-acd7-f7dc06038396 is your tenantId.

    Please note that this is an example for the elastic search search engine. With the database search engine, you can only search for the fields as documented in the API. As of this post, those are:

    • firstName
    • lastName
    • fullName
    • email
    • username

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