This functionality doesn't exist in the FusionAuth admin screens, please feel free to file an issue with a detailed use case if you feel it should.

For registrations, you can look at the date the application registration was created using the User Search API. You'll probably want to use a date range.

For logins, you can review and search all login records by going to "System -> Login Records". However, one could build something with more granularity using the FusionAuth APIs.

This API documents how to pull down the log in data for a given date range. This doesn't include the full user object, but does include the user id. From there you could use the user api to pull down the entire user object.

Also, please note that login records may be deleted after a certain period of time, based on your system settings. This deletion is controlled in the admin UI, under "Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Login record settings" and would impact your ability to query login data in the past if enabled.