Terminate idle sessions based on Role

  • Hi,

    I know that we are able to log out all idle users of an application, regardless of their role, based on the "Session timeout" parameter of the Tenant. Is it possible to instead define an idle session timeout that is based on the role of the user, rather than the tenant?

    ie. I have userA and userB, both of which are registered in application A. However, userA is an admin whereas userB is an editor. Inside of application A, idle admins will get logged out in 10 minutes and idle editors will get logged out in 5. Therefore, if userA idles for 10 minutes, they will get logged out, whereas userB will get logged out in 5 minutes. Is that possible?


  • Hi @yb98 -

    I don't believe that this is currently possible within the Admin UI (but I will update this post if I discover otherwise). You could submit a feature request outlining your use case.

    It may be possible to hook something up via the API and lots of custom code (but even then, I am not sure how this would work). You may find some insight here.

    Please note, you can set these duration settings on both the tenant and the application level (example below).



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