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  • I'm struggling to define decent initial requirements to start up FusionAuth in production, with most of my problems regarding the deployment of an ES cluster. If it wasn't for ES, FusionAuth would be easy to start with, however I won't even consider switching to DB search, as search capabilities are too basic. Honestly, with thousands config options, ES looks way more complex and resource intensive than FusionAuth itself, so I wonder if a simpler alternative, like Typesense or Meilisearch could be supported in addition.

    Finally, although I understand that system requirements can vary wildly based on use case, it would be great to have some direction, with minimum requirements to get started for a small reliable production installation of FusionAuth + ES.

  • @naughtly-keller,

    I don't disagree that there is a layer of complexity that can come with elastic depending on your configuration. If you would like, you could log a feature request to have the search libraries that you mentioned reviewed for inclusion into future iterations of FusionAuth. I took a look and they seemed very interesting; I appreciate you mentioning it.

    In the meantime, if you haven't yet, you can check out the container repo and its search section. There are some pre-configured search settings to be found there.

    We also have a helm repo that has been very active.

    Also, I assume you are running a container orchestration service like K8's but if you are using just docker, then you can run this command and have elastic up and running within a single docker container (related link)

    curl -o docker-compose.yml 
    && curl -o .env 
    && docker-compose up

    Finally, you can check out the installation guides for additional assistance and context.

    ES does give you the benefits of powerful queries that can be run from right within FusionAuth Admin UI or via the API. I have seen firsthand how this can really help you as your Monthly Active Users projects upwards and you have more data to sort and consume.

    I hope this helps!


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