Adding support for 3rd party clients authentication

  • Our app exposes some APIs that can be consumed by our clients, where each client has multiple users (who are, of course, authenticated using FusionAuth). We want to be able to provide a way for them to have register their apps and have their own client ID/secret so that they can make some api calls (we understand that we might have to create some UI to support this). Think of how we can register our apps with GitHub.

    Is there a way to support this use case in FusionAuth? The only way I could think of even getting started is by making an api call to add new Application but my head started spinning thinking of the next steps? Any suggestions on how to get started? Or opinion on if this is even supported?

    Thank you!

  • @ashok

    I think that your initial assessments are correct. You should be able to create an application, and that would generate a unique client secret.

    The API below would be where I would start.

    If you have a few more questions related to the specific technical challenges you see from this approach, we could consider them here as well 🙂


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