UNSOLVED Creating User without Password

  • Hello,

    /api/user requires either sendSetPasswordEmail or user.password.

    Any way I can avoid this requirement, if I only want to use passwordless login?

    Thanks you!

  • Hi @rvogelgsang, thanks for writing in!

    We have API options that allow users to login without a password. You can find detailed instructions on implementing them here. These are designed to be used mainly if you are building your own login page.

    If you are using FusionAuth's login page, you can configure the interface to allow for a sign in code to be sent to the user's email. From the dashboard, navigate to applications/security and enable "Passwordless Login".

    Here's a screenshot of what that looks like:


    Hope that helps!


  • @rvogelgsang to follow on with what @akira wrote, you can also just set the password to a random unknown string too.

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