Multi-Region Login

  • We have a need to handle multiple regions for our application since we are a world wide organization.

    Part of that is handling PII in a safe manner (which user names and emails are a part of).

    This may require us to isolate some users to certain authentication regions due to local regulations. In addition, we may want multiple authentication regions for latency reduction (no reason for a slow link to cause users to get frustrated).

    A few questions:

    1. Is there a way to synchronize users across multiple FusionAuth cloud installs so that we can serve the user an API from a close region instead of a high latency link?

    2. If we isolate a region from another (meaning we don't use #1 above) is it feasible to share the keys using KeyMaster between the regions so that a JWT token generated by region 1 can be used to access region 2?

    3. Can we scrub the JWT token of any PII before sending it to the front end so that if we send the JWT cross region we are not sending PII inadvertently?


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