UNSOLVED No Suitable Driver found for JDBC

  • Hi All,

    [No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/fusionauth?serverTimezone=UTC&useSSL=false&allowPublicKeyRetrieval=true]

    This is the error that I get when I try to configure in maintenance mode the first time running the fusion auth setup. I am not sure how to get around this error or fix it. Any assistance would be great!


  • @reece-temple nobody has an answer for this. Is this service really working at all? Does anybody care about user's problems?

    Today I found about this service, installed it according to instructions and found this error. There are 3 posts about it in the support section and no answer to this problem.

    I'm not pursuing anything else with this service.

  • Hiya @reece-temple @moricio ,

    Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with this. I've installed FusionAuth many times and not seen this error, but understand how frustrating that must be.

    Can you please provide the following information to help us find the issue:

    • What you are trying to do, specific step by step of clicks you make/scripts you've run, APIs you’ve called, configuration you have, things you’ve changed, etc. More information is better. For example, what you are seeing, specific panels in the UI, API status codes, errors, screenshots, etc. We want all of it.
    • What you expected to see. Sometimes this is obvious, and sometimes it isn’t. Err on the side of over sharing.
    • What you've tried already. Sometimes this can help us narrow down the issue more quickly.
    • The version of FusionAuth you are using (this information is available on the admin screen in the lower left hand corner).
    • The number of FusionAuth nodes you are running in your deployment.
    • Information about supporting infrastructure such as the database and elasticsearch, including the version and architecture (is the database local, cloud managed, etc).
    • All FusionAuth log files you can provide. Please don't provide snippets because often the issue won't be in the snippet but somewhere else in the logs. Providing us with complete log files upfront helps us track down issues faster. And you'll avoid getting replies like "please send the complete log files". Of course, please remove any sensitive information from the log files.

    Additionally, if you are using mysql, you need to allow network access to download the mysql driver (due to licensing issues). This is laid out here: https://fusionauth.io/docs/v1/tech/installation-guide/system-requirements/#network-access


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